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The Forbidden Fruit of the Elephant Tree!

Made with a similar botanical selection as the original Marula Gin, but now with the notable addition of pomegranate! This extra botanical brings a burst of fresh fruit sweetness to the flavour profile – always much appreciated!

The Marula fruit grows in Africa on the Marula or Elephant tree, so called because elephants love to eat it. When they do a curious thing happens, the marula starts to ferment in their stomach, causing them to get slightly tipsy!

Inspired by this phenomenon, two Belgian guys decided to create a new gin based on the Marula fruit. The result is a triple distilled small batch gin, using rare, handpicked botanicals including coriander from India, lavender from Provence, orange blossom from Spain, and of course Marula, the forbidden fruit of the elephant tree.

The result is a fruity and sultry gin with an exotic touch.

  • 50cl £34.95
  • 40% ABV
  • Distilled and bottled in Belgium