A Whisky Tour of Scotland II

2nd Edition • Premium Whisky Advent Calendar

Go on a journey across Scotland to select 24 rare and aged single cask and blended expressions from the five Scotch whisky regions to offer the perfect gift for whisky enthusiasts.

Distilled and bottled in some of the best distilleries in Scotland, these limited release casks offer the very best of aged, old and rare Scotch whiskies across the Lowland, Speyside, Highland, Islay and Campbeltown regions.

Presented in the form of a cabinet, handmade in wood and finished in the same way as a traditional whisky cabinet, it’s the perfect place to keep and store miniatures long after Christmas too. Each 50ml dram is bottled straight from the cask and represents an expression of some of the best whiskies Scotland has to offer.

The advent calendar contains:
• 24 x 50ml Whiskies, 46-53% ABV
• 15 Single Malts
• 5 Single Grains
• 4 Blended Expressions

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